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  1. hi I was thinking it would be nice to further enrich the variety of food in oxygen not included. so I thought why not also use plants like (Muckroot, Hexalent) for example you could use Muckroot to make french fries and Hexalent to make a semifreddo / pudding. therefore, the cultivation of the plants listed above would also be possible. you may wonder why to further expand the variety of foods? well because I thought that instead of the food system x from total morality always. you could introduce a memory of what the duplicates ate in the previous days. therefore the duplicates if they eat for more than a day a certain type of food, the moral that this food of drops ... take for example the Frost Bun the first time it is eaten by +2 morale, the next day if it is eaten again by +1 morale in the following day by +0 morale and then -1. the duplicates will remember having eaten this food for 3/4 cycles once the 4 eyelashes have passed the food (Frost Bun) will return to +2 morale if instead it is eaten after 3 eyelashes it will give +1 morale in my opinion this system would be more concrete .. xdxd in fact we all like to eat a given food but if we eat that food several times in a short time it starts to bother us. the same thing could also apply to duplicates ... I attach below some drawings that I had fun doing on paint (I know I'm not very good at drawing) P.S. let me know what you think?
  2. hi I have a problem with Slicksters. I made a base in the world of Rhymes. in this world the Slicksters do not exist I had to create eggs from the portal then I put them in a room with carbon dioxide and a boiler to keep the temperature around 35 ° C. but on the 20th day of my life they begin to die. not even a message appears warning me that creatures are dying. xd they are happy and in the wild with life to the fullest and a moment later they are dead. which is a BUG?
  3. In the future you may add an ocean world. inspired by the frozen moons of jupiter as (europe and Ganymede) link: to do such a thing you will have to enlarge and widen the game map more since a lot of space would be taken from the salt water I thought a deep ocean in the lowest points 20-30 squares from the ice layer and in the deepest points up to 50-60 squares .. so you could introduce new aquatic creatures.. P.S. the ice layer could be from 10 to 20 squares thick and there will also be the buoyancy of the ice to be added so that all the blocks of ice float above the water.