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Make the Smart storage bin actually smart.

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Love what's been done with the liquid and gas reservoirs... They're actually smart now. You know where this is going... The smart storage bin could actually use the same treatment...
How about adding the fill threshold functionality that was done with the reservoirs to the smart storage bin...?  I hope this is not a far fetched idea and it could be mostly compatible with old builds... If this is too invasive then a checkbox to toggle between old and new could be in order to keep it all nice, for example...

Of course, then we'd all go crazy for smart fridges... (I know I've heard that somewhere else.)

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8 hours ago, SharraShimada said:

Cheaper? Do you really have problems with the cost of that stuff?

I could go for "cheaper" as in smaller versions of the reservoirs, both physically and capacity-wise. The automation stays because I said so. Let's automate all the things! :lol:

It'd be neat to whip up another thread for this other idea.

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