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Rain Caller's staff

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Inserting Morning Star into Moon Stone while it's raining will cause it to turn into Rain Caller's staff after few days of raining. Seems logical to me since morning star itself is rain-related and follows the logic of reversing the effect via moon stone (heat-emitting star caller's staff turns into heat-draining moon caller's staff). Instead of depending on rain for effectiveness, morning star itself transform into something that creates rain.

Durability suggestion: Rain caller's staff would have 20 uses and start a light rain for 3 days - enough to last 4 summers.

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I like the Idea, but maybe it would be kinda overpowered,  the morning star isnt that difficult to make and the power to make it rain is too good, summers would be easier and crops would go up like crazy, and also could be a killing machine, constant rain in the early game is dangerous.
The durability and uses are nice, maybe lower it to 10, cuz i don't think they would do it with a morning star, nor a staff,maybe it would be better with a magic item, like the pipes from SW, but the DST way. I really don't know, but I like the idea.

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