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- Floody Mary 

some say if you tread on still and windless waters you could see the dark reflection of her, Floody Mary although not of a physical being still posing as a threat to you and your crew mates. When you enter her territory it is best to say that there is no wind there for your sails are no longer reliable so you have to use oars, as you row your way out of the still waters floody Mary will appear on the side of your boat manipulating it However you can stop her from doing this by splashing her reflection making her lose her grasp and lose her temper.

- scuba tuba

the scuba tuba is much like the sea shells but act as a problem to both sailing and fishing, when it starts to play it will cause waves pushing ships and scaring away fish. When dusk comes it will sink to the button which can be pulled out by your pinchin’winch and will act like a normal sea shell on land but will still scare away small critters.

- scar fish

although that does sound intimidating they really aren’t. scar fish act like manny other fish traveling in groups however once fished they can be used as boat patches for as long as they live, they will also appear on rock formation either just relaxing or eating the rock.

- goblin shark 

Much like they’re bigger brothers the rock jaws, the goblin shark isn’t as strong and suffers from blindness so the only thing that can guide these long nose scavengers is... will they’re long nose, if a player has cooked food on them or crockpot base food the goblin shark will go ahead and give chase until the food has been consumed.

thats it... any questions 


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