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bored artist self insert thingz lolzies

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Z-Ziggy...? In Don’t Starve...? 0_0 I’m honestly not sure why I drew this but yk what I was bored okay

If I really did make a custom character of myself in DST,,, I think here’s how it would work out,


(aka. The Aloof and Angsty Teenager)

Hunger: 160

Health: 150

Sanity: 160

Perks and quirks

•Has been through a lot (Sanity loss from hostile mobs is cut in half)

•Is a picky eater (Won’t eat durian, raw meats/fish or monster foods. This includes edible drops from bosses. Hunger drain is decreased by 5% unless sanity is below 90)

•Is quite fond of fashion (Sanity gain from clothing is increased by 20% walking cane increases movement speed by 40%)

Favourite food: Jerky 

Odds of survival: Grim

Motto: “I made my choice long ago...!"

bonus perks and quirks:

•Enters a panic/rage state when health is below 50 or if there are more than 5 spiders within 6 pitchfork tiles or if there’s a spider queen. (“Panic mode” also causes immediate insanity and decreased hunger by 75 pts, but hits and runs faster. Damage is increased by +10 and movement speed 25%, 55% if walking cane is equipped.)

•Will automatically attack “pests” such as skittersquid, moleworm, bats and spiders.

•Hates being alone. (If playing single, there will be a constant sanity drain no matter what unless Chester, Glommer or a critter has been acquired.)

And finally,,, my voice would def be a wooden xylophone or a fiddle. The reason why I made the perks and quirks the way they are now- is because I wanted them to be as close to how I am irl. I'm open to any feedback you guys have! :)

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4 minutes ago, Blue Moth said:

should't this go in dont starve art music and lore?

(i do like your art though)

Since it's not an actual mod idea or discussion, but just someone sharing their art and mentioning that as an added message then I do believe that's the right place :)

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