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Uncompromising Mode "Fear the Dark" update is live!

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After many trials and tribulations, and a development timeline full of distractions, our newest update is (finally) available!


This new update includes:
Random Night Events! When night arrives, there is a chance that many different strange, dangerous, and sometimes helpful random events may happen! There are quite a few, and we don't want to spoil them here, as they thrive on the surprise!
New Mobs! Including Adult Batalisks which dwell in the caves, Scorpions which surface in the desert during the day, Pollen Mites which will infest the world during spring, and Pinelings.
A brand new weapon: The Bug Zapper! This weapon will deal bonus electric damage to wet enemies, as well as various insects (and spiders). It can be refueled using new battery powered fuel sources, including Electrical Doodads, Canary Feathers, Volt Goat Horns, Electric Milk, Frazzled Wires, and Potatoes!
Many, MAAAANY creature, character, item, and world changes, which can be found in the patch notes on the Steam Workshop link below!
(This includes Morning Stars being refuelable with the same resources as the Bug Zapper, The Cookie Cutter Cap reflecting damage back at it's attacker, a brand new design for the Trap Door Spiders, various Crockpot foods receiving stat buffs, a brand new Firecracker Ammo for Walter, reworks for snowstorms and cave heat, and way more.)
Seriously, check out the patch notes on the Workshop page, there are WAY too many important changes to cover here.
And, for a taste of whats to come in our next update, a new swamp pond will be generated in new swamps, which will contain Rice Plants! Rice is a immovable regenerating food source that can be used for brand new recipes!

Since this update is absolutely PACKED with new features and changes, we hope that now more than ever you will all be vigilant for bugs, and will help us tune things just right!

(Download here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2039181790 )


Link to our Discord, in case anyone has any feed back, bug reports, or just wants to hang out: https://discord.gg/UF7FKpn

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