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Wavey Jones's Locker

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Now that we've got Wavey Jones in the game, it would be a shame to not introduce his infamous Locker. So why not kill 3 birds with 1 stone and use this opportunity to address two other popular(ish) suggestions I've seen floating (heh) around:

  • adding a way to open Sunken Chests without destroying them so we can use for decor/storage, and
  • introducing a counterpart to the Root Trunk from Hamlet

So here goes:


Every time Wavey Jones is dispelled for good, he would leave behind Ocean Debris, as a "parting gift" to taunt the player.

(What do you mean there was a shadowy head with flowing hair? That's just a bit of mud and seaweed...)

The Ocean Debris spawned by Wavey Jones would function like the ones you can just find floating around, unless you dispelled Wavey Jones when he was at his strongest (i.e. when a crew member had <25% sanity, allowing Wavey to pull off boat patches). In that case, one of the 3 items contained in the Ocean Debris would be the Skeleton Key.

Now, the Skeleton Key can be used to open any Sunken Chest without breakingbr it, but the key itself breaks in the process. Additionally, it can be used as a crafting material, along with 10-20x Kelp Fronds and 6x Nightmare Fuel, to make Wavey Jones's Locker, a 12-slot chest that shares its inventory with every other chest of its kind, exactly like Hamlet's Root Trunk.


Note: Perhaps the Locker should also require a Special Blueprint. Maybe one that has a chance to drop from any Sunken Chest?

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