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Something to prevent sketches from boss loots

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I have the impression that I'm the only one bothering with this issue but maybe I'm wrong so I'll share this QoL idea...

Aren't you annoyed of looting tons of sculpture sketches you already have on all your Potter's Wheels ? It's seriously frustrating to have that one item I can't pick cause my pockets are full but I don't want to leave it to the ground, so I'll build a campfire just to burn it.

I'm not complaining about sketches when they drop the first time cause it's an amazing feature and I love building with them, but my problem is the dozens of Moose/Goose's sketch and others I don't need.

It would save me some irl sanity if something could prevent boss sketch loots manually and I'm sure one of the easiest way for this would be to check if all Potter's Wheels in this world have the sketch in question when the boss is killed. Sure, there would be an issue with this method since caves wheels won't be counted when you do that on a boss from the surface or the opposite but if you're aware of that feature there would be no problem and just build one on each levels with everything inside to prevent loots.

Btw, it would be AMAZING if Potter's Wheel reacts like a container to move sketches instead of destroying the building, I'm almost certain this have already be suggested somewhere but it's definitively my #1 world problem right after the sketches drop.

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