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Don't Starve challenge proposal

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For the past 2 months I've been thinking of ways to challenge myself that are both risky and interesting, so after awhile I came up with this custom game and I wanted to share this with you guys. It's pretty hard and it involves surviving off the resources you yourself created from scratch; almost anything is attainable with everything I will list out, but some things (notably darkness and others like hunger/sanity) will require you to get creative with the ways you handle them.

Here's the rules:

  •  You start the game in your choice of either an endless Autumn or Long Autumn with shorter seasons (this is to make it fair enough to survive without penalties like freezing).
  •  4 Pinecones, 10 Grass Tufts, 10 Saplings, 3 Moleworms (for digging up burrows), 1 Living Butterfly (for flowers), 9 Berry Bushes, 1 pre-crafted Firepit, 1 Flint-Based tool of your choice, 4 rabbits, and 1 Spider Egg are the items (aside from character items) that you are allowed to start with.
  •  In world settings, you must disable everything (including caves) except for Reeds, Beehives, Beefalo, Disease, Birds, Butterflies, and Bosses.
  •  Disable World Regrowth, either through a mod or manually if necessary.

I've played this multiple times and I find that some characters are simply easier to use than others. For example, Wormwood solves hunger much easier than most others but suffers when combating the darkness; whereas Willow excels in the dark but suffers in hunger more so. Enjoy it, hate it, improve it, it's all up to you guys from here; but feel free to tell me what you think about it down below.

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17 minutes ago, DaZoul said:

you see that's what you're supposed to figure out on ya own

It's a dead end that's going to make a clueless person want to stop playing it, you shouldn't disguise a design overlook as something you should work around on your own

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