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(QoL) Adding fossil fragments to the earthquake table/allow moleworms to take fossil fragments

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Since the update is focusing on QOL changes, I was thinking of a way to renew a resource that's difficult to renew. and one of the main ones was fossil fragments. This is due to the fact that since you can both lose fossil fragments (from people logging with them/lureplants eating them/dropping into the void) and you can't renew them once all the stalagmites have been mined up. While it's difficult to fully run out, there is a very real chance you could run out of all of your fossil fragments. This is a huge issue for things like fighting the fuelweaver, where the critical 8 fossil fragments can be lost to the point where you cannot preform the fight anymore.

A simple solution that seems to be the easiest is making the random earthquakes that occur have a chance to drop fossil fragments. They would be in the rare category, like red/blue gems and marble. This would ensure that people who spend their time in the caves would slowly but surely be able to build up a steady supply of fossil fragments, without having to worry about running out entirely.

To accommodate the fact that fossil fragments will slowly pile up, I do suggest it being added to the list of items moleworms can take. Since moleworms have a frequent tendency to gather in areas a player visits, it would prevent the fossil fragments from building up as well. In addition, the burrows can be dug up to recover the fragments, so there isn't any issue of them being lost.

Overall, I think it would be a decent QoL change. It would both reward players for spending extended times in the caves from the earthquakes, and prevent the possibility of running out of fossil fragments.

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I would rather suggest making stalagmites renewable via cave rain instead of making fossil fragments drop via earthquakes. Earthquakes are quite common when settling in caves, and when playing together with others you'll easily get 200-300 minerals per earthquake, giving you Fossil Fragments en masse. Besides that, unlike Gems etc. Fossil Fragments aren't destroyed if hit by dropped minerals, which will again raise the quantity of Fossil Fragments per earthquake.

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