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Sneak Peek live streaming new DLC ?

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21 minutes ago, pether said:

ard to say when teasers will be ready to show to the public

I think that pics and gifs in the July roadmap post count as teasers, so technically they are already shown to the public.

If we consider the gif with new rocket an actual gameplay footage, we may assume that some part of the content is already implemented and ready to use, at least in the debug environment. And that assumption is naturally leading us to the questions about dev streams.

Of course, the assumtion might be wrong, and visuals we were shown might not have a solid backend. And even if it is right, showing volumes of working content would spark hopes for sooner release, which might not be possible due to some time-consuming problems we might not be aware of (like optimising performance for multiple colonies). I would rather wait longer for streams and additional teasers and have my expectations about the release date and content closer to reality than the other way around.

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true, but I what I was saying about was sneak-peak-livestream-teaser ;)

It is possible that gif that we saw has little to do with actual game and contains only mockups, existing buildings with modified textures, only to have something to show. In that case, streaming it live would be a bad idea at this moment - it is possible that KLEI still have more ideas than code implemented and only several artworks are ready.

Of course that may be not true, but I would do something like this if I were to show content that is supposed to be ready half year later ;)

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