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Structure idea: Stone pillar

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Crafting cost: 2~3 cut stone + 2~3 marbles per stone pillar.

- This stone pillar is an artificial version of sea stacks, a pillar that you can plant on sea on wall grid (use the same build method as wall).
- You can plant Sea Weeds on top of stone pillar (a way to actually plant seaweeds near base so we can harvest/kill them)
- You can walk on top of stone pillar and you can build bridges with them. (One stone pillar only cover one wall grid of the ocean, building them will very costly in rock, but farming stone fruit for awhile you will have a good bridge to islands)
- You can build structures on top of stone pillars if stone pillars cover a large enough area.
- Depend on how deep the ocean is, build them on ocean will require 1, 2 or 3 stone pillar until they have the same hight as ocean water level.
- The top of stone pillar can be hammered, drop rock into the ocean. The sunken part of stone pillar (when you build stone pillar in deep ocean) can be hook up.

Stone pillar is a structure to replace boat in stuff that people mostly used boat for - bridge or boat base.
If you dont know yet, bridge of boat cause bunch of lag because boat got caculate even when they off-screen, and can be so easily destroyed with only one oar, or one torch + one log. The same as boat base.
Having artificial stone structures on ocean will reduce the amount of empty boat needed for building those painful empty boats.


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