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Add pipe/conveyor quanity sensor

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Title says it all, a sensor which detect how much of material is inside the pipes or on the conveyor belt

it would be useful if using one pump for example making a loop which would send 1kg of gas with automation instead of continuous 500g

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You could connect a liquid reservoir output to a shutoff valve, and control the valve with the reservoir. When the reservoir fills up to say 10%, Open the valve and empty the reservoir. Once the reservoir is empty, close the valve and let it fill up again.

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Saw this post a while ago and thought this might be useful... So I'll add my 2¢, let me know if I should start a new topic on what I think on this one. I'll make this as generalized as possible for all lines of conveyor/liquid - gas pipe to get a better picture.

Scenario: A thermo sensor is built on a line that isn't always full to control a shutoff that leads elsewhere. Line is used for mixed gases/fluids/solids.

Problem: Thermo sensor remains on active state with last temperature and shutoff is left consuming 10w (I'd seen old videos where they didn't draw energy, they now do. Just leave one of those suckers on and they'll vamp away at your power.)  I do not believe we should alter how current sensors behave to help keep existing builds consistent.

Analysis: If the line is of a single element then automation is easy, just add an element sensor before the thermo sensor, use an and gate then a buffer gate with the default 5s and you're done with the shutoff.

However, if for whatever reason the line is not single element in your build. You're now stuck with a vampire shutoff. If you use the single element solution in a mixed line then you're in for gummed up lines.

If you had a quantity sensor then you'd be able to automate as if for a single element line, just set to "above 0" and boom you're done. New mass sensor must reset to false/red if nothing is on the line, so much is expected for this to work properly. I believe the fact that it's a mass sensor could resolve the empty/not empty question on its own... As most automation its output would be red/green based on the condition. "Above 0" would immediately toggle the sensor, for example...

Another scenario where this would apply:

A mass sensor would also help greatly setting up conveyor rails where not a single basket is less than 20kg. For the fellas that love a consistent line of material.



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