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Wavy jones shouldn’t attack your boat when you’re on land

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So I was attacked by wavy jones, I had hopped off the boat to visit my friend’s base and I heard the noise when I walked back up near the ship. He raised the anchor, dropped the sail, and my boat smashed itself along the coast until it was broken.

I wasn’t even on it. That’s not fun, to break the boat when we come within half a screen.

if you leave the ship wavy jones should despawn or not spawn at all... this isn’t harder, it’s just not fun, and it sucks to lose my entire ship because the anchor and sail no longer work even though I wasn’t on it to defend it.

like the hand that snuffs out the fire gives you tons of warning, this guy can mess with everything on the boat in seconds. And 75% sanity or less? Basically sailing without cactus or other sanity food is no longer an option, like at all.

cool addition, but not fun implementation.

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I have had several instances on a shared server I play on where I leave my boat alone for a day or so and come back to find it inexplicably smashed, I am 100% sure this is due to wavy jones spawning when someone runs by, so this definitely happens as far as I know.

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