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[Game Update] - 184

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  • Added Return of Them: Troubled Waters content:
    • New craftable mast upgrades.
    • New craftable water pump for open water fire emergencies.
    • Sea Weed living out on the Sea Stacks.
    • Spittlefish.
    • Rock Jaw sharks plying the deep waterways.
    • The Terrorclaw, aquatic relation to the Terrorbeak.
    • Barnacles and new Barnacle cooking recipes.
    • New cooking recipes for Leafy Meat.
    • And something to keep you company on the lonely nights at sea.
  • Tracking Suspicious Dirt Piles in the oasis desert (the area affected by the summer sandstorm), during a spring rain, will have a chance to find a Volt Goat.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed Volt Goat herds to have more than 6 members.
  • Fixed a crash with the Hermit Crab's music.
  • Woby will now drop all items when Walter despawns due to death in Wilderness worlds.
  • Fixed the art for the burnt down Siesta Lean-to.

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