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Are Seedshells bugged?

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When the beta for Troubled Waters came out, seedshells used to do around 64 damage, which made them interesting since they were powerful and fun to use, but still challenging to farm thus keeping them from being OP. But for some reason they now do the same damage as an axe which makes them rather useless and there's no reason to farm them. The weirdest thing is that I couldn't find any notes on the changelogs mentioning the change.

Are they bugged or am I just blind and the change is intentional but I can't find the change on the changelogs?

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2 minutes ago, TheHollowKnight said:

It was beta and now its out so i guess its just changed?

Normaly they would have pointed out the change on the changelogs, specially since the change happened while the beta wasn't finished. And if the change is intentional then they should atleast do around 30-40 damage rather than just 20 :/.


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2 hours ago, Well-met said:

apparently they didn't intend the seeds doing the same damage as when thrown by the mob

Yeah, doing 64 damage was WAY too much, but something like 40 would be more reasonable... hopefully they make it so you can mix like 5 seedshells with 1 moon rock to make a weapon that works the same but actually does enough damage to make it worth using.

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