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  1. More of a suggestion than a bug,but if you read the map while inside a room (the player's house,temples) The map will generate the treasure but won't be able to tell you where,forcing the player to check where the X generated by themselfs.
  2. The insanity visual effect from the queen's deafening stun attack will remain until the player restarts the game.
  3. The Magic Plant's health penalty doesn't reset either when digging the plant or by reviving with it. (does fix after restarting the game)
  4. Sometimes (Specially when closing the game inside these rooms) everything on the room will become invisible (including the player) making the spacebar the only way out (sometimes it won't even detect the doors,causing the player to get completly stuck on the room)
  5. The Durability of the Mant Suit gets stuck at 80%(aprox),But in reality the armor its still loosing durability and will break regardless of the 80%(aprox) durability.
  6. Alright so we got the silhouette of the fuelweaver,symbols on a weird lenguage that will probably be used later on the puzzle and now an entrance to a cave with 2 torches with a fire similar to the tragic torch(tragic campfire skin confirmed) Also did anyone noticed that they are releasing all of this easter eggs on Easter day? Also god,I hope we don't have to wait days for more pieces of the puzzle like with cyclum...
  7. With all the stuff that charlie makes having a greek feel thats probably a good theory! Edit: Someone should try editing the image of the fuelweaver's silhouette,maybe that way we find something.
  8. Because the thing I am going to ask its from this update I guess I'll just ask here. (Also don't know if someone already answered this before) I got a world from before this update came and I can't find any of those cave holes,do they randomly generate or do I have to do the regeneration comand in order to find them?
  9. KLEI FORUMS The new game from telltale
  10. Ok,so people liked the theory of what i tought the last update would have as much as I liked making it,so for fun I made a theory of what might be at the other side of the now on construction portal! I have 3 theories: (I putted them on spoilers so this becomes an easier to watch wall of text) First: Second: Third,and my faborite: Sorry if someone already had some of these ideas,I could't read a lot of the tread so i would't be surprised if someone wrote the exact same stuff that I wrote here,and sorry for how big this wall of text is. Keep in mind that this is simply a theory I made for fun. My ideas are nothing compared to the ones that our amazing gods creators of the potato cup(also known as klei) can make,so they probably have something five times better than anything I wrote here behind that portal. As always: Thanks to Klei for making amazing an already amazing game.
  11. The title is descriptive enough,i don't know if they were intentionaly deleted for some reason(it's been a while since i have been on the forums) but the kittykit its not making any sounds when eating unlike other critters.
  12. I knew about this one thanks to dragonfly. This one was a real shadow Wilson
  13. I saw something interesting already,Just look at Wilson's hand It looks a lot like a krampus sack, It may be that Wilson has been doing the nightmare that farming krampus is.Or maybe they already killed klaus and thats the loot stash so Willow its just caring one of the gifts that were inside? I'll edit this if a find anything else.
  14. We better investigate if there is something weird on the first image,maybe its a puzzle that tells us more about klaus? We know that charlie didn't make him,would make sense considering that the popup has his chains. Or maybe you simply get it by buying something during krampus sale. Who knows? If there is nothing weird on the image then it will probably be on a trailer that they make for the update just like they did with all the other ANR updates that went to the main version of the game.
  15. I don't know what to say about this update,after playing it now i have KLAUStrofobia. Am 100% sure am not the first one on doing this pun,its was just too easy