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  1. This might just be my favorite update! Great job you guys! (specially great job to whoever came up with the name for "Wavey Jones"!) My only complaint its that I don't see much of a reason to deal with the sea weeds biome, specially when comparing it to the salt biome (The seedshells only deal like 20 dmg and sure, barnacles are a good source of healing food... but there are easier and better alternatives (including the new recipes for veggy meat from this same update). Apart from that? Probably one of the best Return of Them updates by far!
  2. When the beta came out the seedshells trown by the player used to do around 60 dmg, which seemed like a fair number considering that setting up a farm for them is rather tough. But now it seems to have been lowered to around 20, and I can't find any changelog specifing that this is intended so am hopeing its a bug (perhaps caused by the change of how the sea weeds will no longer cause leaks when the proyectile lands on the borders of the boat?) Having them doing even less damage than a spear seems wrong. They do area damage so perhaps they should go back to dealing 60 dmg exactly where they land on and have the borders of their area be where it deals 20 dmg?
  3. Would't it be better to add a teleportato for the ruins,caves and volcano then?
  4. But that makes no sense o-0 using hamlet's teleportato sould only reset hamlet, not any of SW or ROG's stuff. Those should be reseted by their respective teleportatos. (It also makes the other teleportato useless,because the only stuff you would want to reset ROG or SW for its mostly the volcano or the ruins loot).
  5. The game generated a new volcano, deleting the prexisting one (same with ROG's caves). Am not sure of how it happened, but perhaps its using the teleportato on any of the worlds what causes the subworlds to reset? (I used hamlet's teleportato before the caves and volcano reseted) I will try to confirm later. Mods: Only Skin mods and Animal variety, none of them affect worldgen. EDIT: CONFIRMED. Using hamlet's teleportato reseted the caves when it should only reset the hamlet world,probably resets volcano as well. Some research indicated that this bug has been around since SW, which means that using any teleportato will delete the other world's subareas. Log.txt
  6. The game doesn't even give the option of trying to give doydoy feathers to any pigs. We can make peagauk farms on hamlet, we should be able to use doydoy farms to sell feathers on shipwrecked.
  7. More of a suggestion than a bug,but if you read the map while inside a room (the player's house,temples) The map will generate the treasure but won't be able to tell you where,forcing the player to check where the X generated by themselfs.
  8. The insanity visual effect from the queen's deafening stun attack will remain until the player restarts the game.
  9. The Magic Plant's health penalty doesn't reset either when digging the plant or by reviving with it. (does fix after restarting the game)
  10. Sometimes (Specially when closing the game inside these rooms) everything on the room will become invisible (including the player) making the spacebar the only way out (sometimes it won't even detect the doors,causing the player to get completly stuck on the room)
  11. The Durability of the Mant Suit gets stuck at 80%(aprox),But in reality the armor its still loosing durability and will break regardless of the 80%(aprox) durability.
  12. Alright so we got the silhouette of the fuelweaver,symbols on a weird lenguage that will probably be used later on the puzzle and now an entrance to a cave with 2 torches with a fire similar to the tragic torch(tragic campfire skin confirmed) Also did anyone noticed that they are releasing all of this easter eggs on Easter day? Also god,I hope we don't have to wait days for more pieces of the puzzle like with cyclum...
  13. With all the stuff that charlie makes having a greek feel thats probably a good theory! Edit: Someone should try editing the image of the fuelweaver's silhouette,maybe that way we find something.
  14. Because the thing I am going to ask its from this update I guess I'll just ask here. (Also don't know if someone already answered this before) I got a world from before this update came and I can't find any of those cave holes,do they randomly generate or do I have to do the regeneration comand in order to find them?