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[What if?] Pearled Crab King vs Bunnymen

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Hello everyone!


Today i present to you the Crab King fight with a pearl against an army of 15 bunnymen! I knew that Bee Queen and Dragonfly were already doable using bunnymen, but i was wondering if Crab King could also be done with this technic. 

I showcase in this video everything you need to know to actually do this fight without to much trouble! On my attempt, the fight lasted for 2 min 12 sec. It is quite efficient if you ask me. For now, Crab King doesnt have any valuable loot to be farmed all the time, but i think this technic can help a solo player take down the boss.

On this i hope you enjoy the video! If you have any question, comment or suggestion leave them down below and i'll make sure to answer you back! Have an awesome day :D




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7 minutes ago, KeshS said:

When you accidentally hit the bunnymen I thought it would be part of the quick death blooper moments.

Same, I thought we were gonna witness the end of this man's whole carreer

Quick thinking and reaction, almost better than the already great video :applause:

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