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If I were to implement Wilton in the game

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Recently I saw in a thread someone saying that there would be no a lot of innovation in Wilton's gameplay if implemented.

Which made me think of a lot of cool things or not.

Wilton the shattered

 It starts with your skull equipped and a rabbit on your stomach.
 It will drop down on the ground everything you try to eat.
 It does not memorize the map.
 It is more appetizing for dogs.
 Your head can shine as long as you fill it with fireflies.
 You can pretend to be dead to make the creatures lose interest.
 The more hurt the more times he will drop his arm, being unable to wield tools until he gets it back.

 You don't get any sleep benefits, but you can pretend.
 Wilton is slow when he is cold and can freeze spontaneously.
 Hit weak.

 You are not attacked by nightmares unless you do it first.
 It is always insane unless you remove your head (what will prevent you from equipping hats) you can carry your skull in the inventory, but never in your hand.

 He suffers more damage when he has a head and will also forget things he has learned (wearing a helmet will not cancel the last one).

Being without your head in place will make you clear and immune to insanity whether for auras or effects.

 Regenerate your life by healing the animals in your "belly".
 It sucks the vitality of plants to heal when approaching instantly.
 Your maximum health is defined by the animal trapped in your bones (your hunger too);
It has fifty-one hit points (but without an animal, it will suffer hunger damage immediately).
Animals will add more health points:

+1 health, Butterfly. "Butterflies in the stomach".
+25 health, Rabbit. Beardling provides beard hair (when fed on an empty stomach).
+25 health, Birds. It becomes a walking cage.
 Crow. Attracts more crows.
 Redbird. Refresh a little.
 Snowbird. It warms up a little more.
 Canary. Give more seed / get sick in the caves.
 Puffin. Something related to the sea.
+25 health, Carrat. More speed (when well fed).
+100 health, Bee. It turns into a walking hive (other players cannot collect only Wilton).
+100 health, Mosquito. Steals the health of enemies (has nocturnal habits).
These animals suffer from hunger damage, never from physical attacks.


 It slowly sucks the hunger of small animals to feed, keeping them in a trance where their stomach should be.
 You must feed them according to the diet of each one before they die which will remove the additional hit points and start damage by hunger.
 Your hunger will be consumed faster during dusk and night (for daytime animals).

New additions:

It does not have a sanity meter, as there is no middle ground with it.

As can be seen in the hunger image, he also did not have a conventional hunger meter, but one that will display the trapped animal.

You die if you drop your skull on the floor.

This text was translated from my native language into English. Therefore, this thread will probably suffer minor grammatical corrections.

Soon I'll do some character art, if everything goes well.

What would you add or remove in my idea?

Thank you for your presence.

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That was more or less how I imagined it, but I think it can be understood.

I would have liked to make more variations of it and even Skins, but isn't so simple to put a little animal like that inside Wilton, lol.

And about the butterflies in the stomach ... I don't think it will have any special use, I just thought it was cool.

Thanks again.

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