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What's wrong with my power?

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I keep running out of power but I have a lot of power producing buildings. I'm not that skilled in this game even though I've had it for a while. Please help. Also i know my base looks hideous again I'm not good at this game :(




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I may be totally blind but it seems your coal and hydrogen generators do not have fuel. Also there is no battery in line with the manual generator. So even if dupes use it, they can't store power. 

I feel cycle 43 may be early for hydrogen. How is your fuel being generated for that device?  Is it from one electrolyzer?  The filter, pump, and electrolyzer will consume a majority of the energy the hydrogen itself provides, further robbing you of energy for the base. This is particularly true if the pump moves a lot of oxygen and not much hydrogen  I suggest replacing it with coal, and try to have the generators in series on a circuit, and feed the main base through transformers. 

I usually have a group of coal gens outside my base, separated from farms and living quarters by insulated tiles. I try to have all my generators on a heavy watt circuit and feed power to devices using transformers. 

One further thought:. It appears that the entire base is connected to the coal and hydrogen generators using a single small transformer. This will limit the power in your base's main wire to 1000 W, and if more than this is needed there will be power outages. 

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I agree, you are way too early in the game to be setting up an electrolyzer.  Fir the first hundred or two cycles I normally only use algae terreriams.  Leave the polluted water on the ground and it will turn into polluted oxygen, which dupes can breathe just fine.  As long as you don't break into a swamp biome and let it get infected with slimelung, this is an energy and heat free way to produce oxygen.  Even if you do break into a swamp biome you can use deoderizers to turn the polluted oxygen into clean oxygen for no power or heat.  I usually prefer this over using power on an oxygen spreader which also burns much more algae, but those also are what you should be using for oxygen for some time before setting up an electrolyzer.  Same goes for that jukebox.  Those take a lot of power and you shouldn't really need the morale from it... those are more luxury items for later in the game.  I also notice that you are using a gas filter.  Those also waste considerable power.  You are much better off using a gas pipe element sensor and a shutoff to filter since the shutoff only takes 10w when it is open.  Or maybe use that mechanical filter setup where you have a valve sending 1g/s of the desired gas back through a small loop of pipe with a pipe bridge feeding into it.  The bridge can only insert gas of the same type that is already circulating in the loop and this costs no power.  I also notice that you are using a powered refrigerator.  That takes a good chunk of power you can avoid spending by placing it in a small room with the only way in or out on the top so it fills with CO2.  The CO2 will preserve the food so you don't need to power the fridge.  Finally it doesn't look like you have anywhere to dump the heat from that metal refinery.  You want to find an ice biome to dump the heat from that into before you build one.  Or if you can't find one of those, build a steam turbine.


Oh, and one more thing: you have an aquatuner sitting in the middle of your base.  You want to build those in water to absorb the eat.  Either in a steam room for a steam turbine, or to heat up water that starts cool before you feed it to an electrolyzer or oil well.

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