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why is woby invincible?

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8 hours ago, Mike23Ua said:

Because I’m starting to realize that DST is holding our hand and letting us sit peacefully by a campfire telling stories where as DS Shipwrecked or DS Hamlet are brutally hardcore punishing experiences?

Woby is Companion.. just like Bernie, Just like Abigail- Maybe not Dying... but at least becoming injured enough to be rendered unusable laying there suffering until you heal her up. (dying only makes sense from a gameplay perspective.. it does NOT make sense from a LORE Perspective- Theres only one Woby..) 

sounds demented, sounds cruel.. sounds like I’m some psychotic freak but I’m playing a game not intended for tiny little  children.. Woby should be able to be injured or completely Die.

Meanwhile I can attack and kill dogs in Minecraft all day, a game rated E and actually intended for little children..

Yeah I think I prove my point.. Woby the completely invincible has to go.

Hamlet is only difficult the few first times, then is just a city building simulator. Sw, atleast for me, is a little more tricky but only has 1 boss that actually can ruin the run

Dst is becoming noob friendly but at the same time adds treats to veterans like complex bosses.

You cant say dst is easy just for surviving a year in the surface (thing that needs some kind of rework)

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10 hours ago, Ogrecakes said:

Thats going to be in a future Uncompromising Mode update, this month hopefully. I feel like its completely fair, Woby actually does a great job of running away from threats that are attacking her, without me having to have even added any of that functionality.

i just love your work it actually makes me excited to play the game again so thank you so much for that. love ya:love_heart:

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Walter being in the constant for quite a while realises the beauty of having chester. Chester will literally give its life away to anyone. So Walter keeps a Bat Bat and heals of chester to never experience pain again and ditches that fleeing dastard.

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