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  1. i just love your work it actually makes me excited to play the game again so thank you so much for that. love ya
  2. yeah i know i am not a psychopath i don't want her to die all the time. i tought having to rely on her hp as well as yours would be pretty an interesting perk
  3. yeah unfortunately i was confused by that one
  4. sorry my bad the reason i taught the head skins would change woby was because there is no way to spawn him and he just spawns with you at the start of the game (and the portraits for the headskins have different wobys in them so i taught they would change)
  5. i said change about changing the looks not changing how he works wth
  6. i was hoping that woby would be like abigail and chester and she could get hit and die(and maybe when he dies walter loses sanity all the time or something it would be an interesting and fun perk) and when she died you could revive her body using a telltale heart. so her being invincible actually doesn't make sense to me like why can chester die and woby can't (and maybe you could command her to stay so she doesn't die all time) so this way woby would be an interesting aspect to the game instead of just being an invincible chester) and i really thought woby would be faster thats why i was so hyped up about this character but its just an extra chester the only difference is that she doesn't die (which is boring for me ) (just one more thing i bought all the walter skins thinking woby would change too and i am really disappointed that she stays the same)
  7. the portraits of walters skins have woby in different cosmetics so i taught when i chose a walter skin woby would change too. thats the only i reason i bought the walter skins and i am really disappointed (i am happy to support klei but there aren't wobby skins like what?WHY
  8. people seem to like this flexing idea but i mostly (almost all the time play alone) so its actually useless for me to do any of these it would be cool if it had a use like a birdcage
  9. i think what makes the new content not exciting to me is the new boss drops like come on the new crab king drop does nothing it is literally useless(unless they have something planned for it which i hope they do) and they haven't added that much to the sea so its really boring as u said i hope they tie everything with the whole update so it will make sense
  10. she is op so balance idea: she loses 5 hunger overtime she dodges so she can't spam it give duration to pewmatic horn give her less hp
  11. dude literally you are ruining this thread what the hell is wrong with you go post this stuff that doesn't have to do anything with the topic somewhere else. this community is full of immature people and literal 12 year olds i am sick of it thank you for replying anyway i love the uncompromising mode so if you are working on it i am happy
  12. i didn't say add walani to the game i know people wouldn't want her and i myself would prefer an entirely new character thats why some1 making a mod for it would be really great i think it would be really cool if you guys could make it i would appreciate it. (love ur work btw keep it up)
  13. yeah i saw this mode but you can't use the surfboard on the ocean so its pointless
  14. can some1 make a walani mod for dst now that we have ocean? i think playing as walani in dst would be pretty cool and i haven't seen a mod about it (guys i am not saying add walani to the game please comment something if its really about the actually topic i am saying a mod would be great and i am trying to give mod creators a new idea)