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How would you make this game harder if you were a dev tasked to do so?

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On 6/13/2020 at 6:56 AM, x0-VERSUS-1y said:

Realistically almost all of above proposals would make game unplayable for bulk player-base. Sometimes I believe "try-hards" actually disdain all newbies/noobs/casuals/etc aka non-very advanced people to the point they would rather not have them at all in pubs. If on the other hands "try-hards" are solo/only-playing-alone.. what can I say: very limited social experience for a game geared towards multiplayer.


For me a realistic way to make DST harder late-game would be the 1-step increment-in-difficulty via player-triggered event akin 1st Fw-takedown: after you deal with a very hard boss, world goes through a global change that ups all stakes in all fields - "smartens" mobs and bosses AIs (no longer priority for bait over player, no more wall pathfinder infinite-loop etc), brings harsher meteorological and seasonal conditions, brings more RNG in weather patterns, ups mobs and bosses indices (HP, attack), brings more attack patterns in mobs/bosses, biomes get slight modifications with more types of hostile mobs and vegetation, etc - perhaps something akin to Through the Ages concept.

Still one should be mindful such changes cannot go the route of ad infinitum scaling - else DST would just become a giant mob/boss rush Battle Arena with a clear end: you inevitably dying.

Thank you for saying this. Having 2700 hours in DS and DST combined, sometimes, when something is too easy for me and I wish it was harder, I often remind myself what I was like in the first 50 hours and how hard the game was back then.

Go play the Uncompromising Mod if you want difficulty, the base games of DS and DST have their problems that I would love changed, but imo are great as they are.

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