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Beard changing menu idea

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Klei recently implemented a Beards tab, in the Curio Cabinet menu for Wilson new beard skins, and I was thinking that it could  

embrace more transformative/character exclusive itens like:
-Bernie skins / Willow's lighter
-Abigail flowers
-Wigfrid Helmet / Spear

and maybe in the future:

Wormwood flower trail
Walter slingshot / Woby
Webber spider nest
Maxwell shadow puppets / necrom

It would help to to separate character exclusive skins from overall belongings, and enable their preview.
(I've seen some people confusing normal spears with Wigfrid spears, and it could get worse as more skins are added to the game confusing new players)

(Or maybe just adding the cycle view at the belongings tab for itens that have more than one skin like straw hat/ spear would be cool)



Walter looks absolutely amazing, thanks Klei I loved it <3
Thank you for the attention.



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That would be so much better than the actual Wilson Tab, there's already a lot of belongings in the game so I think an additional one based on character exclusive items/stuff would be the best thing to go for, plus it could maybe encourage the devs to make some more belongings on stuff that have been skipped like Winona exclusives buildings or Warly cooking wares. 
Cool concept, would like to see it for the next QoL update :) 

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15 minutes ago, Lumberlocke said:

I'd love if Wilson got a few cycle view options that showcased his beards and different lengths like how you can cycle views for Woodie that shows all his wereforms and ghosts and such.

I could be wrong but I'm almost certain this is already a thing ^^

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41 minutes ago, ADM said:

I could be wrong but I'm almost certain this is already a thing ^^

It only appears to be Wilson's model, ghost, and portrait for me. :wilson_curious:

(edit: Oh, I guess technically the beards menu is where you preview them. I was just used to the Cycle View showing all the possible transformations. I just wish we could see each skin with it's beard as a preview with Cycle View.)






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