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It would be cool if critters could grow up to adulthood like you can with tall birds (although those turn aggressive on you in adulthood!) Still I think it would be nice to have them either become full loyal adults, OR to at least gain some ACTUAL Utility.

For example KittyKit- Being a Catcoon should be able to easily pounce birds and mole worms like real Catcoon do. (Would also make him the only Catcoon that doesn’t attempt to Murder poor Wortox on sight) 

Vargling- Being a Hound and all would sniff out hunts better, which means instead of you wandering around in circles looking for the next patch of dirt to dig up Vargling will instead run off barking towards the direction of the next Hunt Track.


After seeing what Klei did with Year of The Carrot I am Confident that they can make Critters more of a useful interactive feature, instead of just being what they are now... an extra cosmetic feature that begs for food from time to time.

My Carrat begged for food too.. but I could also hold him, Train him, have him follow me, have him race for me, bring me gifts when he won a race, and change the colors of his tail when he eats seeds!

I miss my pet Carrat... the only REAL Critter that actually felt like a pet R.I.P little Carrat you will be missed :( 

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