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Hey Grifters,

This update adds a really basic Rook brawl. And by basic, I mean I copied Sal's brawl and changed some names and locations around. Gamedev!

I'm going to work on making it a little more differentiated next week, but in the meantime, you can see how a whole lot of cards and not very much words feels like wearing your Rook-hat.


  • Hooked up a really basic rook brawl
  • Fix Tomb Relic crash
  • Fix potential soft-lock with Smith when playing Power-Trip into playing Targeting Core w/ Sketchy Equipment and ending turn.
  • Have opponent negotiation quips use {self} in case the primary cast member is not the person you are negotiating with.
  • More robust tracking for Clickables which animate_out.  Fixes edge case where it is possible for buttons to remain unclickable if they are animated in before the animate out completes.
  • Fused Collider is now applied before other cost-affecting effects.
  • Fan The Hammer now spends charges in OnPreResolve instead of OnPostResolve so things like Mark function properly
  • Fixed bug where footwork wasn't using CalculateActionCost and instead using the cards base cost
  • Add a user-friendly UIHelpers.SaveTextureAsPNG for modders and data harvesters

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