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Belongings being part of the classic skin sets

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We all know about the classic collections in DST, such as, the triumphant, the roseate, the survivor, etc. But the collections only apply to our beloved survivors. Why not have the skins sets also affect our dear belongings? Think about it, wouldn't  you want a survivor end table in your a base for a more rustic feel, or a roseate glowcap to please your queen Charlie?

I'll let my illustration take it from here.... 

Roseate Glowcap.png Survivor End Table V3.png 

Please, do not use these images for personnal use, I drew them myself. I wouldn't mind though if Klei implimented these as glowcap and end table skins in-game, if they give me credit that is, like how they did with that drying rack skin. :D 

By the way, my illustrations are nowhere near perfect, if Klei was to add them there would be a lot of polishing, I did them pretty quickly, or they could just start from scratch, but they can totally take the concept, that's what this forum is for after all.

(The glowcap one is kinda meh, I might polish it a little, but I actually really like the end table one, I've polished it since I posted this) 

Please let me know what you think of this! :)

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Here is a "Guest of Honor" end table, it's not the most beautiful thing, but the concept is there. I like it, but it needs some polishing.


Fyi, the images look better in the app ""(and probably photoshop), since this website doesn't seem to render transparent colors, I only use transparant colors for the edges (as does the game, I'm pretty sure), with the brush tool.

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