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Time Travel: Analysis

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I have not played Don't Starve Together for a very long time and now I think that I want to play Don't Starve Together, I am so very happy that the game now includes: Webber in the steam selector: and the baby Warly mostly (i am aware this is not baby but it is cool they have warly interacts with the baby child version of kid warly it is awesome!) Thank you Klei for these new bombastic awesome features and I would like to say that I am so happy that we have included time traveland mustache maxwel (??? from before sry lol not new old xd) but I am mostly excited that the time travel in the lore is from the little Warly thx klei you made my favorite game I love you so much thank you klei I just want to hug you thanks so much klei please keep the kid warly and then do it with maybe wickerbottom itwould be CUTE! lol ty klei this is... AWESOME UPDATE ... XD lots of love! #klei 


Russell, character from “Up”. | Pixar-Planet.Fr

ALSO I would like to mention this reminds me of the kid from up and i just want to hug it! xd SO CUUUUUTE!


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