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Recent Bugs & Glitches with Wortox & Woodie

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I don't know if these bugs have always happened or if they are new, I'm just stating them here so that maybe they can get fixed.

Just yesterday, this is the first time that this happened for me, whenever a WereMoose got hit by a mob or something, the WereMoose would disappear, and sometimes they would permanently disappear until they changed back into Woodie. Strange. Only happened after the recent Quality of Life update.

Also, just yesterday, this probably doesn't have to anything with the update, I, as Wortox, was killed by the Ancient Guardian near the void. I died and turned into a ghost, but I was floating above the void, and couldn't cross the line to go to land, like the surfaces were flipped. We ended up having to rollback since I couldn't get myself revived since nobody could reach me. Also strange.

Just keep in mind that I am only posting these to let Klei know that these things only happened after the update yesterday, and so that they can fix them.

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I’m pretty sure this QoL update is a temporary placeholder for a larger update that’s coming in June- I fully expect things to be broken until the unfinished half coded stuff they’ve added into the game is completed and functional.

Theyve already teased more beards are coming... pretty certain, that Plus Walter Maybe causing a lot of these glitches. In the meantime just wait- This is nowhere near as Severe as the dreaded Tragic Torch skin crash Xbox had back during Wintersfeast

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