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Im gonna be honest when i say that in my whole gaming life ive never encountered such unbalanced and op charecter like wx78. NEVER. Why op you say? 

Well for starters he can eat foods in any freshness (spoiled or not) and say that its just food. This alone removes the need of rushing an icebox and the tactic of planing the food income to make sure they dont spoil. 

He can also upgrade himself with gear meaning a trip to the ruins will give you the highest base stats across the ds universe. And the worst part is that the upgrades arent even necessary meaning youll be fine even without them. 

And lets not forget to mention his sonic ablity in runing and zooming around when he is overloaded. Specialy when paired with wickerbottom where his ablities are no longer Limited by time. First i wanted to let this one thing alone cuz this is one of my Favourite team ablity(that we need more of in dst) but since the overloaded state makes him immune to freezing it means that paired with wicker he dosent even need a fire to suvive winter.this is in all regards an exploit and it need to be nerfed. 

Oh and what is the downside for all of this? Well lemme take a look here... Hmm.. Ah 0.5 health every second that he is wet. ARE YOU SERIOUS????!! not only that this downside is Completely minor and easy to overcome but it is so specific that outside of spring you wont even know this is thing. Plus the damage is so low that you can just ignore it Completely. If this is the best idea klei had for a downside then they need to think a bit more about it since a tent or siesta lean is all you need to battle it. Atleast other meta overpowered charecters have noticable downsides like wolfgangs hunger drain and wikers sleeplessness and spoiled food being garbage problems that make them expert only charecters while this guy gets away with no problems what so ever. 

Its so painfull to see dear old maxy suffer for being able to make workers while this metal can gets all the benefits with no Challenge at all. 

His powers need to be nerfed and i have a few ideas for it. 

1)lets start with something that is actualy in normal ds and that is the lower base stats. Those stats were set to 100 in ds to counter his ability to upgrade but was removed in dst for some reason and i think it needs to come back in order to give a downside to him while also making upgrades a MUST rather than WANT. 

2)make him so that he would have a rust meter. Since he is made out of metal he should rust after a few day with a rust meter to show it. When the rust meter is full he would turn into rusty wx78 and how a few downsides for it. Additionally wetness will speed up this process to actualy make rain a downside. Although a higher damage for the rain is also good. 

3)make him so when he gets strike by lightning he would loose max health. Now i dont know if you ever saw a lamp geting a high amount of electricity but lemme tell you that the lamp EXPLODES. Same should be applied in dst for wx78. He also should not have any immunity to freezing. 

4)make a downside for eating too many spoiled food. My best and most Creative idea is that after eating a certain amount of spoiled food his chemical engine will produce a flamable gas indicated by a fume around his face and when he gets on fire or get striked with lightning he would then explode causing damge to all of his stats and setting him and nearby objects in flames. 

This was my attempt to bring justice to dst while also not taking away his existing benefits that make him fun. Most likely my ideas arent the best thats why this discusion was made. I would love to see everyones opinion on this subject. 

Thnx for rading#justiceformaxy

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