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Improve the Life on the sea

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Since in past 5 years playing DST, I can only survive on land

I enjoy the role being treasure hunter and living on the sea now 



Suggestion for eco on the sea ( mainly fuelable resource for fire or light )


1. a set piece on the sea

   - an area that you can find some of sea stacks having light bulb plant

   - light bulb plants grow around on a sea stackimage.png.a84fba13f600bc4b903980d77ea36017.png

these light bulb plants shouldn't be flamable because they grow in the wet condition

skitterquid may spawn in that area, and they do eat those light bulb 



2. DST bouy image.png.943fcaf7d2b84108f7417d5591c9d8a2.png

- can be only built on the sea

- an exclusive alternative light station on the sea is really nice

- no light on initially ( has one slot required player to put light source )

- crafting with broken shells and boards (ring for sound)


alternative light sources can be put in:



   a. light bulb

   b. Bioluminescenceimage.png.ffca4e8ca6ba88ffc41088b8cb276d2c.png

   c. mushroom sporeimage.png.7c357e8e49ec3598bb6e23616cef201b.png

   d. fireflies


for b, c, d sections:

players should be able to feed vegetables / honey / fish meat to extend their life span

once life span expired without feeding, they are completely dead and vanish



message in bottle spawn rate is rare and low at first peer

I personally think it is actually well fit

instead of increasing message bottle spawn rate

sunken chest should be tuned for better and more efficient drops


Suggestion for Sunken Chest


some of useless drops should be removed from table first

e.g. sea fishing rod, boat kit, masts, steering wheel kit

these are actually annoying when you have already one yourself

It is very disappointed after traveling such far distance to obtain items you already have

and you are likely NEVER need another one

these items are space consuming most of the time espeically the sea fishing rod

for free fuel, logs and board that stackable are always better


I won't expect boss item appear on the drop table

but I'm sure some basic resources are worthy to be added in

1. flints ( 0~3 per chest )

    flint is rare and kind of unrenewable if one decide to camp on lunar or crabby hermit

      - why one consume lots of flint on the sea

       a. lures from tackle receptable consume too much flints 

       b. crafting axe using flint ( farming logs on crabby hermit land or lunar biome for long journey preparation )

       c. although gold is already in the drop table, but it is always good for alternative resource

2. tuna can foodimage.png.7dbb578f634c580633e398de42da2b83.png ( 0~2 per chest )

      a. reuse idea from Shipwrecked seems really good for here

3. blueprint for greater boat ( armored boat ) ( drop rate: 5~10% )

     a. has a slightly larger space boat at higher health points

4. silk (0~4 per chest)

5. gears, a must have thing and you cant get them on the sea


BackStory for sunken chest

why there is sunken chest and message bottles that show location for them?

there should be a ship sunk, survivors left up a message in bottle and seeking for help

obviously when players found them, they are already taking a long nap in deep ocean forever ...


so a fair chance that 0~2 few broken floating boat pieces should be spawned around sunken chest

player should able to use sea fishing rod to retrieve them, and then use hammer to open it

floating boat pieces have chance dropping boards, silks, ropes

1-2 boards, 0-2 silks, 0-2 ropes


I might come back and add more suggestions

when i have more ideas that may tunes quality of life on sea better and much worthy challenge

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my ideas:
-strider spider: their nest spawn on water near the continent, they can either walk on land and slide on water, they make a webbed ground extends to both water and land that will alarm the spiders when a sea creature or boat get in it, unlike regular spiders their nest only have one growth stage and all the spiders have similar stats from a spider warrior, but they can only leap on water, when a strider spider is killed it drops 2 items, having a chance to be monster meat, spider gland or silk for each

-eggmingo: a new plant creature for the lunar islands, they're tall birds who'll be found in flocks on waters near the lunar islands, they're pacific and the entire flock will fly away once dusk arrives or if any of them is attacked and return the next day, they'll also lay egg eggplants that can be collected by the player, once any is collected the entire flock will turn hostile to the player and chase it while pecking, and will stop being hostile once the egg is retrieved, if they flied away so they'll descend back to attack, once any of them is killed they'll drop one leafy meat, one eggplant and 1-3 shrimps, that's a new fish food item that can be obtained in other ways, it can be used for either being eaten, cooked or used in crockpot dishes, it can also be given to a eggmingo to befriend it.

-moonlight jelly: they're new sea creatures that spawn everywhere in the seas once a full moon arrives, they're neutral that will only start attacking once damaged or if a boat gets near them, they'll hover over the boat and players and strike them with an electric attack that can also burn the boat, once killed they drop moonlight jelly that has great uses for cooking and food

-Fishing net: crafted with silk and ropes, it's tossed on the water to catch fishes whever it lands and also has chances to catch random sea junk such as twigs, driftwood, kelp, etc or shrimps, it must be retrieved with a sea fishing rod before sinking

-ballphins: those friendly aquatic mammals from sw are back to play with the survivals in dst, they'll be swimming in a group around the map, playing with items dropped on the water, fishes before eating them and following the player's boat around, they can be friended with any fish, once attacked nearby ballphins will turn hostile too, they attack by jumping over the boat attempting to bite a player in midair, if they land on the boat they'll be laying on the ground for a time before dancing back to the water, they drop some meat and ballphin fin that can be used to craft some items and the new ballphin palace that also requires salt cristals, it generates ballphins that will stay near the palace

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