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Showcase a dupe!

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I want to play a game of show and tell, featuring duplicants! Pick a dupe from your colony and tell us his story. Let me start to give you an example:



This is Picaso! As his name implies he is an artist. He also seconds as a cook. That explains the rampant diarrhea in my colony. I've recently trained Picaso for my upcoming space program, after which he immediately started hitting the bottle... HARD! I suppose I would too if I knew who the actual designer of his rocket will be.


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ARI:  Hey Marie, don't you think, for a lockdown, we ended up not so bad ?

MARIE: I don't know Ari, I've never seen the sun yet. We still don't ranch those Gassy Moos you've seen far away, so I take this break as my sunny moment. May I ask you somethin' Ari ? ...Did you fart ?....




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This is Ellie. She was printed at cycle 524, due to a need for more cooks. She has never known a single bit of stress or any real kind of strife, and on her first day of existence she chowed down on some mushroom wrap and got to even drink a smoothie. She hasn't ever walked more than a couple tiles out of the heart of the colony. She is amazing.

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