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  I think that it would be a cool creature to the game, it's a dog and a tree, you would get it's bone log, then it would appear and start following the one holding it similar to chester/hutch/gloomer, it has many traits that can be trained doing different activities with dogwood, these traits are:

-attack: dogwood barks at enemies to temporarily increase the damage they take and deal, training this trait will unlock it's ability to bite to deal great damage and increase the effect of those two moves, it's increased by either barking, damaging or getting damaged by enemies, and hunting any creature

-rescue: dogwood can swim in the water, bringing items dropped in the water for his owner, and even fishing, training this trait will also reduce the penalty for drowning and make dogwood able to swim for longer, it's trained by any physical swimming, by a small amount for each, but swimming only trains this trait

-luxury: dogwood can be sheared with a razor for a new item called dogwood branches, not sure about many uses for it besides being used for fuel, he'll also eventually scratch himself dropping more often a twig, but it can be a dogwood branches, a living log or some item stuck in it's leaves, training this trait will increase the chances of rare chance items in any of these and other activities and will also grant a sanity aura to anyone near it, this trait is trained by using a razor on it, scratching itself, shaking itself after getting wet or feeded with most crockpot recipes

-playfull: dogwood won't be always following the player, sometimes it distracts itself with a butterfly or anything and play around, sometimes it'll also dig graves or pick up dropped items and randomly burrow them, training this trait will increase his movement speed and it'll also be able to lick the player to instantly heal them a small quantity by the cost of a small sanity drain and wetness gain, it's trained by physical activities aswell, but not the exausting ones such as swimming and attack

-stuffed: dogwood has it's hunger meter, so he have to be feeded to don't die from starvation, it can eat any type of food and each time it's feeded it'll train this trait, training this trait will increase dogwood's health and make it starve slower

  Each trait has 4 levels, some activities can also reduce the level of other traits, like most physical activies will reduce the luxury trait, there are the effects for each level from any trait:

-Level 2:Dogwood get bigger, increase the stats related to this trait(for example damage to attack trait), and unlock the secoundary ability from the trait(which's the secound ability mentioned) and you unlock the collar tab by dropping it's bone log on the ground and interacting with it, where you can craft different colars that gives him an extra ability, only one can be equipped at a time.

-Level 3: Will make it grow even more and increase the stats related to this trait even more and will unlock even more collars to be crafted in the collar tab

-Master level: During a full moon after reaching lvl 3 in any trait, dogwood will start to howl and transform completely, it acquires a different form for any trait and each based on a different real life dog breed, once reaching the master level it's stats related to the trait will get slighly higher and it'll also unlock a 3rd ability for the trait(still not sure about what could it be for each trait), it'll keep the progress from the other traits, but very slighly reducing the stats related to them. If you try this with a dogwood with two or more lvl 3 traits, he'll acquire a different form from any of the ones based on real life dog breeds, and won't get any trait mastered and all of it's traits will stay the way they are with a very small increase.

  Once it dies it drops living logs(dropping more the more grown it was before dying), some sticks and dogwood branches and one meat, but don't worry since you can replant it through it's bone log, that takes some days to grow into a puppling again, the bone log can't be fertilized to make the process faster, then you have to train the puppling over, and once it dies the player will receive an instant heavy sanity drain aswell since nobody likes to lose their best friend ;<

  If you're the one who killed it i hope you're proud of your living logs and really low chance of obtaining a single krampus sack from the one krampus that spawned, while PETA is coming right to your house to break your kneecaps. don't worry it's just a joke, but please don't hurt doggo :>

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