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Were pigs?

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On a previous life (yes, I died) I found the pig village, decided it was a nice little place, set up a camp and tried giving the pigs some things as an experiment...berries, meat, random stuff... I went back to my rabbit camp for a while, then when I visited the pigs again there were two brown furry beasts that I think were called were pigs, they chased me down (in the process forcing me to explore more than I ever had before) and killed me. Any ideas what makes these creatures and how to avoid it?

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It's why until the next update I am spending all my playing time mining and logging to build more and more pig houses all over the island until the entire place is full of piggies. Full moons are going to be a very fun time :)

Yeah, I have started gathering as much wood and stone as I can.

I am aiming to build a 100 house pig village on the south end of my map in the desert, so I can go have some fun on full moons! >=D

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You can also MAKE them turn by force feeding them alot of monster meat, If for some reason you want to see one at any time Day or Night

Now that you mention it, yeah, this happened to me. Good catch, I don't think anyone else mentioned this.

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