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Lunar trunk: A tier 2 lunar craft, similar to the root trunk!

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One of the things that I am excited for is seeing the new crafts the tier 2 station will have. Considering it's from a (very) difficult boss, I do believe it will have access to some pretty powerful crafts. In an old forum post, one of the things I wanted to see was something similar to the root trunk implemented in DST, since the concept was amazing and I felt like it was pretty underrated. I think the lunar feel would make the structure fit right in!

The recipeĀ  would come from the celestial tribute. I don't have any real good consideration for the recipe, but I feel a decent one is 8 moon glass, 4 driftwood, and 1 green gemmed moonlens. Considering 3/6 moonlenses don't have a structure use, I feel this would be a nice recipe to use a rather expensive one. In addition, that would also mean it would show up on the map, which is handy for people who have just joined. Alternatively, a rare drop/boss item could be substituted. Similar to how the houndious works, you would get a kit for the item in the inventory, which you can place wherever you want if there is sufficient space.

The lunar trunk would be similar to the functionality of the root trunk. It would have 12 slots, and all of the lunar trunks in the world will share that 1 inventory (So putting an axe in trunk A, for instance, will allow you to have and take it from trunk B). Something I would like to see, though, is shard compadibility. One of the things I disliked about the root trunk is that it's inventory was only relayed across the world you were in. Having it multisharded would be extremely helpful for transporting goods down or general item carrying. In addition, making it per player is extremely important too, to stop the issues of having 1 shared inventory across multiple players, as well as potential stealing.

I think it would be extremely nice for endgame, since I could see myself putting a lot of random items I need but don't necessarily want to have on my inventory at all times. I also believe the power being gated both behind a boss and a green moonlens would prevent people from seeing it as overpowered, and something that would be a nice reward from an otherwise difficult boss, in addition to the other crafts planned.

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How about different gem channels? Like, Insert a gem and you get another shared storage? The gem wouldn't go away either, or maybe a moonlense instead to change the storage channel. Would be useful if only you could open the box and prevent other players from stealing your valuables. Should still be a way to retrieve items if all chests are destroyed. Like, destroying all trunks would leave things that perhaps, couldn't be left with (things bound to a shard and won't leave it) couldn't be put in there, as well as the thing to make more lunar trunks.

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A trunk or any device really that can be seen as a Moonlens by all players on map regardless of day-count will never be build in pubs, be it Official KLei or Community Dedicated ones, except maybe if is a closed & trusted group. In pubs griefers run wild and with such an item you basically have a big "Here, come quick for easy burning of baisu!" sign.

Yeah, I know well the "let's not balance game around griefers" argument yet in all open-server communities, people avoid any building shown on map like the plague. Or don't and just rebuild trashed base over-and-over and/or kick and roll-back on-and-on like a fly hitting the ceiling ad infinitum.

OP's concept is interesting sans what I've pointed.

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