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  • Developer

Hey Grifters,

This is just a quick addendum to this morning's experimental to add a couple more fixes. If all goes well with this build, we will probably hotfix it over tomorrow.

  • fix objective markers in controller/small screen location popup
  • fix crash in side_competing_bids when you kill the target on the way in to turn the quest in
  • Don't show '-' on preview label for buffs.
  • Made the max healthbar width smaller, so that boss bars don't go offscreen. Also moved Oolo and Nadan's healthbars
  • Made the card-selection panel into its own widget. It now can be shown and hidden at will. It also works with controller
  • Removed duplicate Kickback card
  • mark up people who you are supposed to kill or spare, so that they get a condition in combat to remind you
  • event_baron_arrest_quota is now a self_defence battle since they are attacking you
  • All cards in your hand now get updated when you prepare a card (fixes bug with un-preparing dogged)
  • Fixed bug where Dogged wasn't passing itself as a the source of the price reduction
  • Fixed bug where Airtight wasn't duplicated by Psimulacrum
  • Removed NO_REWARDS flag from Oolo's fight
  • Topor Fiend now posts a message informing you which card gained XP when you wake up
  • Fixed bug where cost-manipulating effects could overwrite Dogged's own effect
  • Clarified description of Prayer of Hesh
  • Added missing Expend keyword on Initial Airtight
  • Removed Force Target flag from Deep Pockets
  • Fixed bug where enemies would sometimes try to apply composure to their core resolve in negotiations without core resolve
  • Fixed bug where Bleed wasn't using its feature_desc
  • Fixed Cleaved description and functionality
  • Marked Wrenched as a debuff
  • Clarified Opener description
  • Fix French plurality function and Panic descriptive text.
  • Run loc.convertPlurality protected to ensure malformed overrides don't crash.
  • In small-screen mode, when picking cards from the hand, they don't go off-screen due to the preview scale anymore
  • The Legacy Screen is now using standard Graft slots, which display the correct rarity frame for the graft. Adding tooltips to standard graft slots
  • Post 'bloated' card to tooltip for Rooks' Buy a meal option.
  • Swap names of the Overheater upgrades.
  • Fix description on Boosted Barrage to be consistent with Charged Barrage
  • Make the black market PRIORITY_HIGH instead of HIGHEST, so that friend boons take precedence.

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  • Developer
9 minutes ago, matshazi said:

praise hesh!!

This feature requires me to actually mark people for death/life, so if you see a case where you feel it should have applied, please f8 it :)

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2 minutes ago, Kevin said:

This feature requires me to actually mark people for death/life, so if you see a case where you feel it should have applied, please f8 it :)

Could we get something similar for "Isolated fights"? I keep forgetting whether a fight is isolated or not by the time the fight ends and we get to execute people.

This game is teaching me a lot about where my morals stand, by the way.

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I forgot which update changed the sal assassin negotiation, but I feel like the bonus for winning the negotiation is too good. Before you can usually get 3 or 6 stacks of existential crisis, but right now you can easily get the max 12 stacks of existential crisis. Because all the arguments are present at the same time, you can easily average the output to the three arguments and take them down at the same time, so you won't have to suffer the increasing impatience from defeating the bonus arguments.

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