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DST's inconsistent attack speed?

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Surely not I can't be the only one whos experienced this, no... I know I'm not the only one experiencing this.

Don't Starve Together seems to have an inconsistency in how fast the player attacks, I have noticed the player character's attack animation randomly fluctuate from its slowest, being 2 hits per second, to its fastest, being about 2.5 hits a second.

This isn't anything new, in fact it's been a thing since before RoT, back in the days of ANR, I began to notice it when I started attempting dragonfly solos. It started with me noticing I could randomly get 7 hits while still being able to dodge dragonfly's swipe, but not always.

I've noticed that the player character's animation can randomly speed up sometimes, the fastest I've seen is about 2.5 hits a second, but as far as I've noticed it is not consistent, and has happened to me both as host and on other servers, be them public servers or with friends.

Another thing I've found recently is this randomness in the attack speed can actually mean a major difference in some things, one thing that made me happy when I first found out about it was knocking down dragonfly with wendy, using a dark sword, nightshade nocture and a pepper spiced food. It turns out this strategy is not consistent, and relies on the attack speed thing I mentioned above.

I find that when Wendy only attacks twice a second(the slowest I've seen the player's attack speed be.) she only deals 228DPS which is not enough to knock down the dragonfly, since the dragonfly requires 250DPS to knock down for the second scale.

However, when the inconsistent attack speed randomly makes wendy attack faster(up to the 2.5 hits per second) she's able to do about 275DPS and as such can knock down the dragonfly and get the scale.

In other words, my little dragonfly knockdown strategy is inconsistent and sadly luck based as the game's attack speed has to be nice enough to let you attack at the 2.5 mark.

As for how I know I'm not the only one getting this? Simple, watching Don Gianni's webber playthrough, he points out against dragonfly that he was able to get 7 hits and still dodge, this is an example of DST's inconsistent attack speed.

I'm sure a good chunk of the forums is likely going to be confused about the wall of text I've posted, but I felt the need to get out what I know on this game's attack speed. It seems to me that DST has an inconsistent attack speed compared to the singleplayer game(where in singleplayer it's always 2 per second)

Anywho, I just had to get this wall of text out, I hope at least someone out there understands it. :s

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I’m actually amazed nobody really made a post about this earlier.

The inconsistently with attack speed actually effects a large amount of things too. Aside from the obvious hits to kite, the faster attack speed also allows you to hit shadows twice (one normally, one away from the shadow). However, the slower attack speed is also essential to stuff like stunlocking the guardian, and also making rooks 7 times easier to deal with.

My main question I’m wondering is which one of these is the intentional attack speed. It just seems kinda bizarre to have 2 very distinct attack periods that do impact a large part of how effective combat is with lots of mobs. For instance, I can reliably hit mobs like Klaus 5 times with the faster attack speed, but it’s exceedingly difficult with the slower one.

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28 minutes ago, Confused Rock said:

The guess I'd always go with is the 2.5x is unintentional and a result of lag compensation, that'd explain why it's a dst thing. I don't have a brain though so I can't go into any more detail.

I play with lag compensation turned off though.

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That lag compensation is just a client side visual effect to make everything feel more natural when you're lagging. The game very likely has other ways it compensates for lag, say lag causes your attack commands to be input slower than if it was singleplayer so the game compensates by increasing your attack speed. This is still just a guess on my part but lag compensation as a setting wouldn't have anything to do with it. I think this makes sense but a very bad analogy would be that turning off Screen Shake in the options won't stop earthquakes from happening. they're entirely separate things.
edit: or what WoodieMain said, the base attack speed in don't starve together is around 2.5 because it assumes people will be lagging, and attacks just go slower when you're lagging because it takes the server longer to recieve your next attack input. I don't think that would be the case but maybe.

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56 minutes ago, WoodieMain45684 said:

It's only based on connection. The worse connection you have; the worse your attack speed will be.

As someone that has the best connectivity with "local" KLei official servers - around 70 ping - and rest of regional servers going generously over 100, plus some constant rubberbanding (faulty and old cabling), seeing threads like current one makes me think at "1st world problems" type of scenarios. Oh well... c'est la vie.

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