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How exactly does Klei work on updates?

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So as someone who often throws suggestions at Klei I was curious as to how Klei pumps out updates?

Do you already have all of RoT planned? Or is it more like: 'Alright guys <update name> is out! What do we do next?'

As I said, I like posting new ideas, concepts etc, But if Klei already has all of RoT planned ahead then I might as well not post them, right?

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They do seem to read and apply the cool suggestion concepts, perhaps they have a main guiding idea of the route they are going to take, but the fine details seem to be open to change. 

This is how I think it goes at least, I can't confirm it nor deny, but its based on the forums activities and the things that appeared in the game over the years.

EG: After wurt was released it was suggested to have merm king give different rewards for different weight of fish. Merm king didnt get the feature, but pearl does value the fish weight differently. Also an item to change the skins of pre-existing items has been requested a million times, and now we got it.

These things keep happening all the time.

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I think it generally is along the lines of they’re always thinking about the games future and how everything plays out with their envisioned End Game content, We as players can only suggest things based on how the game plays currently, or how we can imagine it playing in the future.

Meanwhile- Klei knows full well how everything will play out in the future because they’re probably already playing around with that in secret as we speak.. They’re realistically probably tinkering with things that’s at the very least 4 to 5 updates ahead of what we are currently playing now.

And When You Or I Suggest something, Klei Devs can consider that based on how they KNOW the games future will be, However overall they seem to take the majority of fan feedback seriously.. like for example- Glass Canon Wendy, That Idea was an EXCELLENT Idea.. but as almost all Wendy Mains pointed out- it wasn’t really an Idea that belonged on Wendy.

Klei will Repurpose that Glass Canon Mechanic on Someone more deserving of having it..  However they Re-evaluated Wendy’s Glass Canon Mechanic And the general concept they wanted it to provide (Working with your sister Abigail) And So NOW the Petals Bestowing buff (in my opinion at least..) accomplishes that concept a million times better than the Glass Canon Mechanic did.

I love to suggest stuff, it never hurts to suggest stuff to developers, as long as you keep in mind that they have the end game in mind and whatever you suggest is probably something they’ve already discussed within their own offices months, possibly even years ago!

JoeW explained it best in his own post  awhile back- Where he explained that when everyone was complaining that the game was too easy when it first came out, they didn’t address those people because they were already working on adding Winter to the game, and then people complained about how the game got too hard lol xD

I Do However admire their dedication and commit to timely patch updates that address all the bugs players find.

Klei as a Dev Team is a small company (even large Dev teams like Rockstar are a Small Company.. ) When you compare them to the ENTIRE WORLD that’s playing their content- So in THAT Regard, I think that the best way to find and squash bugs is by having people outside of your own Dev team helping find and report them to Klei for fixing.

Which explains why content goes through a Beta branch for 1-2 weeks on PC before releasing on Consoles, PC can get hot fixes to address issues that players discover, where as on console to address those issues requires Sony or Microsoft to approve their patch fixes through their annoying certification process.

Of course.. as Always even With that content releasing in Beta on PC first and a good majority of bugs being found and squashed Console will always have its own set of Problems.. that need reporting.

Disclaimer- I am NOT a game Developer, and I know very little about game design, But I know from experience with talking to Developers this information. 

(Also sorry for large wall of text post)

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8 minutes ago, Mike23Ua said:



而当您提出建议时,Klei Devs可以根据他们对游戏未来的了解来考虑,但是总的来说,他们似乎非常重视大多数粉丝的反馈。例如,例如玻璃佳能Wendy,That Idea是一个很棒的主意..但是正如几乎所有温迪·梅因斯所指出的那样—温迪并不是一个真正的主意。










Great summary.

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