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Shadow pieces without any speed boost?

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I am currently trying to defeat the shadow pieces, but I do not have access to speed boost (they are to hard to get for me). Can anyone tell me the order in which I should kill the shadow pieces and the amount of log suits / pierogis I will need? Thank you!

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There are quite easy speed boosts to obtain, the first easiest one being cobblestones that only take Rocky Turf and Boards to make, second being walking cane. As to boss fight, Bishop or Rook are your ways to go, level three Knight is a pain to deal with, speed boost is really helpful against Rook and Bishop, especially Bishop since he can easily stun lock you if you're not careful. Personally i'd go with Bishop, he's the easiest to avoid out of all three. Both Rook and Bishop will shred your armor, with Rook biting you to the bone and Bishop swarming stun lock. Log suits are good, but Football Helmets are better, if you have any spare pig skins well then you know what to do with them, the pierogi/hp recovery youll need shouldnt be too much, from personal experience about 10-15 should be good enough depending on how well you perform in the fight. Try making a square-like arena for the fight made purely out of cobblestones, it will help alot, without any speed boost this fight will be crucial.

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If you don't have access to anything that increases your movement speed, then you might be better off piling up on marble armour and pigskin helmets.

The amount may vary, and I'm not 100% certain on the numbers but...

2-3 marble armours; 4-6 pigskin helmets; 1 fresh hambat; 15-20 honeyhams.

Kill the knight first, the bishop second and then the rook. Equip the marble armour against the Rook only, and face tank him.

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