All Kashio's items & grafts, and Sal using them

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Here's a list of possible grafts & items during Sal's final against Kashio:

1. Afterburner Gloves
SAL: All attacks apply 1 BURN.
KAS: All attacks apply 4 BURN if not mitigated.

2. Blast Chamber
SAL: +1 action every turn.
KAS: +1 attack every turn.

3. Macro Rasp
SAL: +1 damage when apply BLEED.
KAS: All attacks apply 2 BLEED if not mitigated.

4. Hammerthyst Ring
SAL: At the end of your turn, gain 2 DEFEND for every card in your hand.
KAS: At the start of your turn, gain {10, 15, 20} DEFEND.

5. Sage Conversion
SAL: At the start of combat, gain health = your current resolve.
KAS: At the start of combat, gain 80 health.

6. Dermal Cast
SAL: At the start of your turn, heal 2 health.
KAS: Whenever you gains a debuff, heals 5 health.

1. Hologram Projection Belt
SAL: Play your next card twice.
KAS: (You know what holograms do, duh).

2. Suitcase Grenades
SAL: Hit all.
KAS: +1 attack every turn, hit all.

3. EH1076 Discharge Pistol
SAL: Pierce damage, apply 2 wound.
KAS: At the start of every 2nd turn, gain {4, 6, 8} RIPOSTE.

4. Rentorian Force Glaive
SAL: Damage, apply 8 BLEED.
KAS: Visually change weapon, +damage. 
(Note: remove +wound attack & team attack, add +expose attack)

5. Support Beacon
SAL: summon 1 combat drone. (I WANT A AUTOMECH TOO)
KAS: summon 1 Spark Baron automech.
(Note: If left alive, automech surrenders when Kashio surrenders/dies, like Jeol.)

Note1: All { ... } = scaled from difficulty.

Note2: For now there's only 2 boss scaling, B&A prestige lvl 3 (Thanks pacovf), but there's the third option, maybe for even harder difficulty. With the new prestige list, the 3rd boss scaling is out! Harder! Tougher!

Note3: Seems like I was typing at the same time as Wumpus the 19th... see their forum for additional thoughts/opinions.

I was planning on making a video but its quicker to type first. If you seem an error feel free to tell me.

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