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So seeing the new creature with gems stuck to its shell got me thinking. We need some new gems that are only accesible through specific means.

So far it seems that regular gems are on their way to become a common item for the experienced players.

Killed a D-fly? Oh, here're some gems.

Visited ruins? Lots of gems

Killed new creature? Have some gems

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2 hours ago, Szczuku said:


Lunar Variants of gems could be cool! Like Wormwoods lunar green gem or more similar to the iridescent gem, when I saw the image of the crab king with the light blue gems I immediately thought of them as lunar versions of blue gems.

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I kinda just want to apply one of the games various gems to a torch, lantern or campfire so that it glows in that color... but that could be just me wanting that.

My favorite color is Green so more Green Gems please.. Otherwise I’m going to pick to play as Willow and set Wormwood on fire with her lighter and then take his from the leftover Ashes.

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