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Dupes Don't reach the Oxylite Tank

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1 minute ago, yoakenashi said:

Do you have a gantry built and extended below the oxylite tank? Just like the command module, a gantry is needed to to allow the duplicant to reach.

Horrible , i have to waste material building that ... 

They need a better way to do this ... 

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2 hours ago, BaZERGer said:

Maybe an auto sweeper can do it too, if it's submerged so the oxylite doesn't keep disappearing mid-transfer.

I just build the gantry , thats it. 

I think maybe they can change the range where the dupes reach and not the center of the tank , also i notice that if i use the alert priority , the oxylite tank will be filled with anything related to oxygen, for example pollute water.


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