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  1. His checkpoint is not diagonally above the ladder though.
  2. I suppose "another green signal to start the count over" could me misconstrued to refer to green signal to the reset port.
  3. As far as i can tell, it's the act of splitting a stack that causes the temperature to be reset to 19.9 degrees on the new stack. Seems like it doesn't get the temperature from it's source. When a full stack is picked up without splitting it, the temperature works properly.
  4. One thing you could do to handle it, is leave all the power control stations at the power plants idle, and just have one outside of any power plant at a convenient location. They should be able to fabricate the microchips from it even outside of a room.
  5. You can see from the screenshots that they're steel doors, and the steel appears on top of the doors as they break. Seems like the same thing that happens to bunker doors.
  6. I experience it sometimes too, though loading does solve it and allow him to fall again.
  7. If you have multiple signal switches, and you try to toggle them while paused, the game doesn't handle it properly. If you toggle 2 switches, neither of them will change when you unpause, if you toggle 3 switches, only the last one will change.
  8. It hasn't been happening to me, perhaps there's something else causing it. Usually they just take what they need for the errand though, unless they're supplying a bottle emptier. Though i think for the bottle emptier, they take the loose bottles around the map, before going to the pump. The super computer thing i can only suggest to check if there's already water stored in the building, it could just be an overzealous delivery that keeps filling up minimal drops in the building's storage.
  9. From what i can tell, the problem is the AI slowing down while there are a lot of critters, although they could make a workaround either by generally increasing the amount they can consume per time, or allow them to consume more per time when the calories are low.
  10. I tried letting one of my turbines overheat to see, it doesn't just drop down to an empty bar from it, even walling it in with insulated tiles, it's still showing a short red bar, and doing that, it goes 200W->300W->Idle constantly. For the bar to be completely empty, i think the turbine would need to be unable to cool below it, so a complete halt, which means there'd be no power for the wires to overload them.
  11. Storage errands should be viewable on the storage containers. Though it would be nice if you could see it on the item too.
  12. The first picture seems odd though, it shows the turbines in positions as if they're running, but the bar is empty, so wondering if it's basically right after loading, before unpausing. I've had my game show red wires too where it's not supposed to, but it would always go away once i unpause.
  13. So from what i can make of it, it seems the issue is that the "intake" tiles actually take the item as soon as it starts moving into it, and the automation sensor doesn't register the content untill it's actually already made the move into it, and actually starting to move to the next tile. And adding the splitsecond delays on automation, it means it doesn't get enough time to react, by the time the object switches state, it's already begun it's movement into the tile, and not into the intake. Can also see it in the picture, the material doesn't actually move into the tile of the building with the intake before getting dropped by it, it just instantly gets dropped as soon as it finishes the movement into the tile before it.