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[Poll] On Boss Themes


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  1. 1. What's your favorite Boss Theme?

    • EFS
    • The EFS of Winter
    • For The Glory Of Spring
    • Summer Showdown
    • VS Dragonfly
    • VS Klaus (Phase 1 & 2)
    • VS Bee Queen
    • VS Antlion
    • VS Toadstool
    • VS Fuelweaver (Phase 1 & 2)
    • VS Malbatross
    • (If i forgot something, choose this and tell me what i forgot in the comments!)

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I choose winter theme because of epicness and feels for being the 1st real boss you fight but i really love Klaus (how can be so epic a theme that sounds like christmas songs xD) and toadstood (it remembers me pink elephants from dumbo)

Antlion theme fits really well too 

Fuelweavers its so dark and not so intrusive but im bussy equiping stuff to enjoy the song xD

What i didnt remember is that malbatross has his own theme (i only fight him 2 times) im gonna check


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EFS of Winter followed close by Vs Antlion.

EFS of Winter comes up for like the first time you fight an actual boss. It also helps that it sounds really epic and intense. I used to play this everytime I was going home to let my imagination loose.

Vs Antlion feels like you are fighting in the middle of the apocalypse. While the Antlion itself is far from the apocalypse, the music is sure making the fight more exciting.

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