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Automatic delivery of Sweepy's bottles

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Contrary to what I thought at the beginning, Sweepy has a lot of interesting uses like the possibility of putting magma in bottles or fix the temperature of liquid in bottles (-300K DTU/sec). The problem is that it is not possible to transport these bottles on the rails. But there is a trick to move them, the bottle emptier!

You may not know it, but the auto-sweeper can deliver the bottle emptier by using it directly in the Sweepy station.

So, if you use one of thoses setup :


Here's two possibilities :

- Empty the bottle to have metal


Note it's not a complete setup, it's just a demonstration that the arm can deliver the bottle from the station to the bottle emptier.


- Drop the bottle under the arm :



The bottle emptier is only a lure, it will never be delivered.

Note : to prevent the arm from continuously trying to relive the fallen bottles, make sure that the place where they fall is out of reach of the arm.


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Hi @SamLogan I was trying to make this setup work today, But my sweeper will not deliver polluted water to a Bottle Emptier from Sweepy's Dock. I really like this tech tho, so I made this account to ask if I was doing something wrong.
So I have bottles coming in above and I want sweepy pick them up and the Auto-sweeper to throw them on the bottle emptier as your post suggests.

I just don't get why this is not working for me, is there a thing i'm doing wrong?

Edit: It may be that the auto sweeper cannot sweep bottles that are created by the dupes, but can for Sweepy.


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