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Abigail and Wendy's short film is poetic, beautiful.

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The title says it all.
I think the short film about the twins is really wonderful. I dare say the most beautiful short film that Klei has made so far.
But let's analyze it calmly:
First of all, Wendy is presented to us as a little girl who read, intelligent and who seemed introverted from an early age. I really liked how in few details they perfectly delineated her psychology even before the twin's death.
And then she comes, the real protagonist of this short and my new favorite DST-character ever: Abigail. Apparently identical to Wendy, she actually presents some details of the face that make her immediately recognizable: she is smiling, boyish, reckless, exudes an infantile enthusiasm that makes her immediately charismatic and very nice. When everything turns gray, and we understand that Abigail is now defunct (of Spanish influence, perhaps?) I too felt that a wonderful person had passed away. I don't really know how Klei managed in such a short time to delineate the twins so beautifully, Abigail above all, but it did it. Congratulations again. And finally, final twist, JACK CARTER! AND HAS A MUSTACHE! AH! HOW I ALWAYS REPRESENTED IT IN MY ART!
Sorry, they are satisfactions :'D


Ps: A talented modder makes Abigail playable, PLEASE!

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i like they made abigail a tomboy to contrast to wendy

Wendy is more prim and proper while Abigail is more of a tomboy and rebellious of their upper class lifestlyle. You can see how they clearly were told not to play on the rocks and Wendy is scared to break the rules, while Abigail is more carefree. Theyre like both sides of the same coin.  

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