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Webber should be able to make spider masks for other players

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webber's character seems to be focused on PVP but what about PvE well spider masks can fix that these items are basically like the clever disguise but they deceive spiders into being neutral towards a non webber player but this will make creatures hostile to monsters hostile to the player as well, the spider queen will not be easily fooled by this unfortunately.

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DST is totally imbalanced when it comes to pvp. It should never be a point brought up when it comes to balancing.
The way it seems to me is that this game is balanced according to early-mid game. Webber is a producer of silk, monster meat and gland which are 3 commodities that are very appreciated in a group.

I think it's totally intended that webber is a character who is part of the group away from the group. What you're describing about spider masks is achieved by using a spider queen mask. Not gain something better than neutrality to spiders, you straight out gain loyalty. 
Crafting your spider mask would likely make the spider queen mask redundant and it's technically a boss drop so it must be earned so in a way, something is extracted to the game by adding something in. 

As far as attaining a queen mask goes, webber can upgrade nests to coerce a queen spawning faster than anyone else can. If webber would appreciate any sort of mask, it would be the shamlet mask to make him neutral to pigs

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I don’t think having masks so you can fit in is a good idea- the challenge of playing as Wortox is that you can not befriend pigs, no Pigs means no pig followers.

If Webber got a mask to befriends with Pigs it would defeat the purpose of him being a monster in the first place.

With Webber.. it’s different- He’s a monster who can spawn MORE Monsters and right in your base... So to be able to make Webber’s crafted Spider Nests Friendly to other players WITHOUT them needing a Mask would be a god send Rework for Webber when it comes to PVE.

Normal Spider Nests would still be hostile to Non-Webber’s.. but the ones Webber places Himself could read “Webber’s Friendly Spidernest”

Killing the Spider Queen and taking it’s Mask is only really so you can blend in with other spiders.. But I shouldn’t have to go actively seek out and kill a boss for a terrible hat that doesn’t even have enough durability to bother with getting, Just so I can deal With the MONSTER SPAWNS Webber puts in my base.

Yes- An Experienced Player will probably just kill Webber’s nest and send him away to find resources to craft another, but all that can easily be avoided altogether if nests placed by Webber were friendly to everyone by default.

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or maybe the players should be able to acquire a "pig" mask like in ds hamlet, so piggies won't chase him down 7 blocks every time he comes in close proximity with them.. but spider masks? I find them a bit unnecessary since you can "control" spiders with spider queen hats for a while

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