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Got unknown day error after Day 300 in RollBack

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We cannot save or load the game after Day 300, even we cancelled all of the client mods. The save slot in the RollBack shows "Unknown Day", as shown in the image bellow. Could anyone help us to solve this problem?

We infer the error may be related to the mods we were using? Here are the server mods: Simple Health Bar DST, Display food values, Epic Health Bar, Extra Equip Slots, Fast Travel, Global Positions, Health Info, Quick Pick, Wormhole Marks.


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In your own capture you can see mods tab of your world (9 mods) just turn off and try. Maybe the save data its corrupted by the mods, idk i dont use them  but mods are the 1st thing to think about when something its wrong and you have put a lot so pretty sure its that

Teleport, pickpicky, etc a part of cheese it changes animations or they way the game works(in picky picky you are removing animations for example )and this makes the game crash a lot of times.

Rolling back can add issues with that kind of mods i guess (god how many cheese in one post xD)

This kind of mods are not worth for the problems they produce and you will get tired of the game if you can to anywhere or make the game easier but your choice 



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