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Questions about the Trade Inn

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Hello! Recently i've been trying out the Trade Inn, and through my experimenting and trading i stumbled upon some questions that i couldnt find any answers for, maybe you guys have some answers or ideas for these questions or i'm just simply missing some vital information.

1. What's the chance for the two tier higher item surprise?

I know it exists, but i couldnt find any info about how rare is it or if it just appears randomly or after certain amount of trades done with the Curio Collector.

2. Does item rarity change with the two tier higher item surprise?

For example, is it more likely to get the two tier higher item while trading 9 Common items and is it less likely while trading 9 Spiffy items? Does the item rarity affect this feature at all?

Tell me what you think about this topic and feel free to give your opinion on it. In case of me forgetting or misinterpreting something or if i'm just putting this question in the wrong subforum let me know that aswell.

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1. I think it's random considering the fact that you can get 2 or more elegants in a row by trading spiffies during Hallowed Nights event. We didn't get the chances for it anywhere as far as I know. Only thing mentioned about it is that it is higher during the events. 2. (It would be logical) I do think the chances of skipping from common trade to spiffy and from classy to distingushed are a little higher than getting elegant from spiffy trades, during the event you can even get elegant and distingushed skins from common trades but the chances are lower of getting them from spiffy or classy trades. Though I wouldn't recommend trying your chances with this when there is no event active, the chance would still be there but it would be soo low (for elegant especially) that you would lose more than get.

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