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Issues with Overlays on the new Updates

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The biggest problem I have with the latest update/patch  are the overlays  for the PIPES(gas/liquids) and RAILS  where the rails and pipes are drawn behind the buildings art.  The artwork for the building does NOT need to be brought to foreground or highlighted.     The pipes/rails need to be at the TOP of the foreground.  

Right now its impossible to tell if a rail is connected to certain buildings.    See graphics.

For example, in the rails visual connections 1 jpg file,  you can't tell if the rails are conneced to each of the loads  on the left.   They could have been mistakenly connected and you wouldn't know it until you watch the ore movements.  

Can you safely tell where the rail lines are connected??

In rails visual connections 2 jpg.  same thing.   Can you tell if the rails are connected to any of the 3 loaders from that top rail that move behind the loader?

Please change it so rails appear on the to layer  and show connections to the white and green square boxes.

The rails drawn behind the sweeper arms makes it  also hard to see.

(same thing for gas and liquids).

I'm quite frustrated with how the overlay was handled in this update.     




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i agree that non customizable buildings should not be displayed since the only reason you would want a building displayed would be to interact with it, yet i find it very usefull that buildings like the conveyor loaders are displayed, also as you have stated yourself you can just observe if the loaded crates are moving or not, i guess an option could be implemented so you can choose to display atop buildings or not.

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Hi @PIRATE D KING.  It is definitely useful to have conveyor buildings displayed in the overlay, and we're not suggesting that this should change.  What we're suggesting is that the rails should be drawn over the top of these building, so that it becomes possible to trace their path the same way, for example, that liquid pipes are drawn on top of the liquid reservoir:


This is not possible in the current overlay with some conveyor setups:


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